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webrtcHacks - getUserMedia resolutions III – constraints unleashed

Back in October 2013, the relative early days of WebRTC, I set out to get a better understanding of the getUserMedia API and camera constraints in one of my first and most popular posts. I discovered that working with getUserMedia constraints was not all that straight forward. A year later

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webrtcHacks - WebRTC Video Resolutions 2 – the Constraints Fight Back

I continue to investigate my question - how do WebRTC getUserMedia constraints work? In this webrtcHacks post I update my resolution scanning code and re-run my previous analysis to empirically determine how getUserMedia constraints are handled.

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webrtcHacks - How to Figure Out WebRTC Camera Resolutions

I did some experiments with WebRTC's getUserMedia() constraints? This lead me down a rat hole but I had some interesting results.

Highlights include:

  • Non-obvious Findings
  • Mandatory constraints are really suggestions.
  • Kill the stream before applying new constraints.
  • Use https for a better user experience.
  • Don’t bother changing constraints in
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